4 Winning Instagram Promotion Ideas To Try Out In Your Next Campaign

4 Winning Instagram Promotion Ideas To Try Out In Your Next Campaign

Instagram is a successful marketing platform for finding out your target audiences. With over 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram captures potential users and makes them invest their efforts in bringing out attractive posts. Since the competition on Instagram is going higher, it is the right time to upgrade your promotional efforts to yield more ROI.


Making changes in your Instagram strategy is the right way to prove your online presence to audiences. When you take your account on the optimal route, chances are higher that potential customers will find your new products. Also, you would be able to notice people interacting with your brand consistently.


Therefore, if you want greater brand engagement, it is essential to follow the right promotional strategies. Are you struggling to connect with your customers? Follow the below-mentioned promotional ideas on Instagram to stand out from the crowd.

#1. Boost Your Post

Uplifting the performance of your Instagram post is a great way to convert your existing content into a paid one by running ads. When boosting your posts, Instagram increases your content visibility and takes your post in front of your target audiences to enhance your conversion rate. 


Get into the below steps to find out how to boost your Instagram post:


  • Select an existing post in your Instagram profile with a decent engagement rate. To make it unique from other posts, highlight your brand benefits to show off your content.
  • Set a specific goal that helps take your ad to the people interested in your brand. Also, the option to add CTA is available in boosting a post and can easily direct organic visitors to your website or the product page.
  • Target your audiences based on age, location, and demographics to reach people who make a purchase.
  • Fix the budget and duration of your Instagram ad.

All set! By the end of the above campaign, you will definitely see greater engagement from the right audiences to your profile.

#2. Run Contests

Running a contest or giveaway is a great way to gain target audiences. Since contests do not look like an ad, they play a major role in capturing the attention of your potential audiences. A recent study reveals that brands running Instagram contests gain 70% more exposure than the accounts that do not run the contests.


Here are the steps to run contests on Instagram successfully.


  • Choose a goal that you want to achieve for your brand and make content accordingly.
  • Provide the most exciting prize for the winning contestants without losing your profit.
  • Decide the duration to run the contest and announce the winner, which keeps your audiences excited.


After providing gifts, follow up with the winning and get feedback and pictures of their winnings. Repost it on your account with great visuals to attract millions of eyes to your Instagram content.

#3.  Cross-Promote Your Posts

Preparing great Instagram content captures real fans and drastically increases your follower’s growth. This can be done only by increasing your content visibility to wider audiences. But how? Promote your content across various platforms to amplify your brand awareness and increase your conversion rate on Instagram.


The most engaging ways are:



  • Link your Instagram profile on your website to convert your happy customers into your potential followers on Instagram.


  • Add your Instagram post link on the signature of your emails that helps to check your Instagram profile through the mail.

#4. Publish User-Generated Content

One of the fast ways to improve your Instagram promotion efforts is to publish user-generated content. More than your own content, UGC content has more power to add credibility to your Instagram account and helps to connect with your target audiences. 


Follow the best ways shown below to access the user-generated content:


  • Encourage customers to share their experience with your brand using specific branded hashtags.
  • Share the reviews from your potential customers to gain loyalty for your brand using Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Instagram provides tons of opportunities to promote your brand to a greater extent and gain new followers. With the above tips, bring success to your upcoming campaigns and earn potential customers. Therefore, it is also essential to focus on marketing efforts to get the best results instantly.


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