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9 Trending  Techniques for Increasing Your Instagram Popularity In 2023

Trending Techniques for Increasing Your Instagram Popularity In 2023




Want to increase your Instagram popularity? You know that, right? Earning more likes on Instagram is a crucial part of making your profile more visible online. More Instagram likes means more Instagram success.


It’s a familiar tale: a company signs up for Instagram in an effort to reach the app’s billion-plus users and spread the word about their fantastic wares. A month later, none of the company’s 10 photographs have gotten more than a handful of likes each, and revenue is still not booming.


The days of expecting company growth from a single Instagram post are over. Because 90% of Instagram users now follow a company, you have to compete with thousands of other companies (both locally and worldwide) for the attention of your followers and potential consumers.


To maximize the benefits of Instagram for your company, you need to grow your following of active users who will interact with your posts and click through to your website.


This book contains 44 ideas, tactics, and suggestions that will show you how to increase your monthly likes on Instagram, which is the key to your success.

Well, so let’s get down to business.


When It Comes To Instagram, Are Likes Still Relevant?


Instagram now allows users to conceal their likes. Do ‘likes’ even count for anything at this point? In a word, yes. Instagram “likes” are just as significant now as they were before. They continue to play a significant role in Instagram’s algorithm, which determines the prominence and relevance of posts and the material that is suggested to users.


In an effort to safeguard users’ emotional well-being, Instagram implemented a setting to conceal public likes. The platform’s user interface may change if like counts are hidden, but the likes themselves are still present; you simply can’t see them.


Because of this, Instagram post likes continue to exist and are as crucial to your Instagram engagement and exposure as they were before, regardless of whether or not they are visible to the public.

Do Likes On Instagram Still Important? 


Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Taking Great Shots. In the realm of social media, Instagram reigns supreme because of its visual nature. Instagram is a visual platform, where users form opinions about your business immediately upon seeing a single post, regardless of the quality of your content or offerings. It’s surprising, though, how few individuals actually care about the quality of their photos. Users of social media platforms like Instagram have come to demand only the best content from their favorite companies. Put your best visual foot forward regardless of whether you’re a start-up, an aspiring influencer, or a tiny, local business.


In order to increase your number of followers, you need to increase the number of people who interact with your photos by sharing, commenting, and so on. This is the single most effective strategy for boosting Instagram likes and comments.

1. Put Up a Bunch of Videos


Social media platforms are now dominated by short video clips. You should absolutely start using a lot of Reels in your Instagram approach if you aren’t already. Making a popular Instagram video with a reel is a breeze. Posting Reels on Instagram will immediately increase your visibility and reach because of the platform’s preference for video content. You’ll see a rise in participation if your material is particularly compelling.

When used properly, Reels may be an integral part of your content strategy and help you achieve viral success. Keep up with the times, and if possible, be the first to share stuff that will inevitably become popular. Reels are meant to be played with and used as a tool for exploration of new concepts. More Instagram followers and likes might be yours if you play your cards well.


2. Utilize Instagram Shopping


In-app purchases on Instagram let businesses sell products directly to their fans and followers. Sharing your top-selling items on social media and attracting new customers may help your business grow. Instagram has made shopping more of a pleasure than a hassle by adding store features. Because of the ease of this method, you may increase both your Instagram likes and your sales.


3. Develop Instagram How-Tos


Around the middle of 2020, Instagram introduced a new feature called “Guides,” which allows users to compile resources (or “guides”) that organize content into categories, such as items or suggestions. Instagram posts can be anything from a simple photo to a full-on advertisement for a product, influencer, public figure, company, or the like.


Instagram Guides combine the best features of carousel posts and blog articles into one convenient format. They expand your capacity for sharing and may be a potent driver of more interaction on Instagram.


As well as organizing and collecting your own Instagram photos, Guides let you import stuff from other accounts, too. Getting more likes on Instagram may be as simple as using Instagram Guides, a function that is currently underutilized.


4. Develop Promo Videos for Instagram


By connecting your adverts to your Instagram videos, you may increase your likes and follows. In order to increase your profile’s popularity and the number of people that visit your website, Instagram now lets you sell ads within your videos.


Instagram will be conducting a trial of IGTV advertisements for the rest of 2020, a company representative confirmed. We anticipate that new content producers will benefit most from IGTV monetization, but we will roll this out gradually and conduct tests with a wide range of accounts to make sure everything works as planned. As of right now, we have nothing concrete to announce on a potential growth strategy.


5. Think of Interesting Tales to Tell


The number of people using and interacting with Instagram Stories from both the user community and the business community has skyrocketed. Instagram tales are two-way streets:


To maintain interest in your brand and content among your present following, use a feed.

Use hashtags in your tales to increase exposure and interaction.

So, to boost your Instagram likes, advertise your feed updates in your stories. As a result, additional individuals who wouldn’t have seen your postings could now be exposed to them.

Stories allow you to submit Reels, reuse your Tik Tok footage, add Gifs and stickers to encourage interaction from your audience, and more.


An additional benefit of Instagram stories for growing your following is the impression it gives that your profile is dynamic and worth checking out. No one is interested in following a profile that hasn’t been updated in a while. Instagram users may quickly consume tales since they vanish within 24 hours. Even if you don’t want to update your feed every day, you may update your profile every day.


Instagram’s algorithm favors active users who post regularly, so sharing stories often is a solid strategy. Your Instagram feed postings will get increased exposure as a result.


6. Embrace Instagram’s Highlights Function


The only drawback to the methods we described above for gaining Instagram followers is that your stories will be deleted after 24 hours. Unless you include them as a highlight underneath your bio on Instagram.


Using Instagram’s highlights feature, you can pick specific stories to store and display on your profile for new and existing followers to interact with again and again. A higher number of auto likes on Instagram may be attained through increased story production and interaction.


Following an analysis by Embed Social, we know that the following characteristics define the Highlights:


Covers are a great place to express creativity by including a personal image or emblem that relates to the content of the stories within.


You have the option of giving the Highlight a name, much like you would a file folder.

Questions and answers from previous sessions, new product features, and frequently asked questions that you’d like to remain available to new clients are all good candidates for highlighting.


7. Write A Compelling Bio That Sells Your Product


Your Instagram bio serves as much more than a simple introduction to potential viewers; it may really aid in the process of attracting new viewers. Introducing oneself on Instagram with a visually engaging message is possible with a bio. Your Instagram bio should be as concise and descriptive as an elevator pitch. One of the greatest ways to get more Instagram followers is to include searchable keywords in your profile.


Using search engine optimization (SEO) keywords will boost your profile’s visibility in search results, attracting more people who may be interested in following you.


Using a custom or customized hashtag will help you connect with your online audience and encourage new people to follow your lead.


If your bio is well-written, those who are interested in what you have to offer will find your profile more easily. If you want more Instagram likes, you may start to buy Instagram reels likes instantly for better engagement and visibility. 


8. Boost Your Instagram Following By Adding A Qr Code


To make it easier for visitors to locate your Instagram account, you can now generate a unique QR code for your profile that you can print on a card. You can put this code on business cards, thank you notes included with orders, at the register, on stickers, and on boxes used to transport purchases. Your Instagram account may now be promoted both online and off. QR code generators may also be used to transform regular web addresses into QR codes.


Make a unique Instagram QR code by following these steps:



You may increase the number of likes on your Instagram post by advertising it more.


9. Save The Best Responses


Instagram’s decision to roll out pin comments globally was made in June 2020. Only Instagram Live users could utilize it before.

Your most enthusiastic fans, customers, or followers can be featured in your post by “pinning” their comments. You may also pin useful information that you may have overlooked. These helpful responses will be seen by others, who will then appreciate or like your post even more. To increase your number of likes, do this.



Maintaining a consistent visual identity on Instagram may be accomplished by sticking with the same filter, layout, or look/feel. It makes your images stand out more prominently in the feeds of your followers, which in turn increases your profile’s popularity and the frequency with which your photos are liked.


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